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[For Admins & Managers] Learn how to create contact forms via uploaded PDFs with the ability to collect signatures and parent names

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The vast majority of providers that use brightwheel have at least one form that requires a parent's signature. With brightwheel's Contract feature, any PDF form can be uploaded into the Forms & Requests tab and sent to parents to sign. This is vital to centers that collect: Tuition Agreements, Photo Release Forms, Medication Release Forms, or any other center-specific contract.

💡Brightwheel has developed Tuition Contract Templates for your center's convenience and additional information on converting files to PDFs.

Create a New Contract

A new contract can be created from any saved forms that you may already be using at your center. Simply save the form as a PDF and upload it to brightwheel!

  1. Log in to brightwheel on the web

  2. Open the Paperwork page on the purple sidebar menu

  3. On the Forms & Requests tab, click the Create new drop-down menu

  4. Select Contract

  5. Enter the contract's name, type, and notes, and click Continue

  6. Drag & drop the PDF contract to the Contract Review section or choose the Browse to Upload option

  7. Additional custom fields can be added to the Contract Details section if desired

  8. Preview your contract, once complete click Save

  9. Choose to save the contract as a Draft or set Live and click Save

Share a Contract

  • Share contracts with any parent in your program from the Forms & Requests tab on the Paperwork page or from the same tab on an individual student's profile.

  • After sharing, all associated parents receive email notifications to review and sign the contract and can access shared contracts and forms from the Forms & Requests tab in their student's profile on the brightwheel app or web platform.

  • Contracts can be resent as needed (e.g., a new year's tuition agreement). Simply follow the steps to share as normal. When resharing, this will send a new contract to the parent(s) for completion, creating an additional instance in the student's forms list.
    🚩 If parents are having trouble accessing a contract or email invite, avoid resharing, as it adds another version of the form for them to complete. In such cases, share our Completing Forms resource with your parents so they understand how to complete the request.

Signing a Contact (Parent POV)

Immediately after the contract has been shared with a parent, they will receive an email with the subject line "[School Name] has requested you complete [Contract Name] for [Student Name]". This email will contain a link that parents can click to take them directly to the contract in brightwheel. Alternatively, they can access this contract from the Forms & Requests tab in the student's profile.

After opening the contract in brightwheel, they can click the Review button to view the document you uploaded and download it if desired. Once they are ready, they can complete the additional fields. By entering their full name in the Parent Signature field, they are confirming that they have read and agree to the document attached.

When the parent is finished reviewing the contract and has signed it, they can click the blue "I agree" button in the bottom right corner to submit the contract.

Form Statuses

Any action taken on a form will update the shared form’s status. For form status definitions, please visit our Manage Digital Forms resource.

Review Contract Submissions

Once a contract is submitted, administrators can can approve the submission, or request changes from the guardian.

Please visit our Manage Digital Forms resource for steps on approving, or requesting changes.

Delete a Contract

Contracts can be deleted along with individual submissions. Please visit our Manage Digital Forms resource for steps on how to delete.

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