Adding students to your brightwheel account early is vital to successfully implementing brightwheel at any center. Brightwheel has made this as easy as possible by allowing centers to upload their rosters in any format, these students will then be imported into the account within 2 business days!

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Export Current Roster

Regardless of your current software provider, there is very likely a way to export your roster with the majority of each student’s personal information. Find the report option that contains the student’s information as well as any parent, family, and emergency contact information. These important details can be uploaded to brightwheel and save time on manually updating each student’s profile.

If your current platform has the option to filter based on student status, we recommend only exporting active students. This will prevent confusion and ensure only the students actively enrolled at your center are imported to brightwheel.

Review our Roster Exports from Other Systems resource to see if your current provider is listed so you can easily follow the instructions to export!

Upload Your Roster to brightwheel

Once your roster is ready to upload, click on the Upload Roster button from the Students tab on the web. From here you can click on the Upload Roster button at the bottom on the screen and choose your file and submit it to our team.

It can take a few business days to process your file and have the information imported into your account. This timeline can vary depending on the type of file and the amount of work required to convert it into a readable format for our database. Once the upload is complete, you will be notified via email.

What Next?

While your file is being processed, this is a great time to set up the aspects of your account that are not impacted by your roster upload.

  1. Add a Deposit Account - Adding a deposit account to the billing section of your brightwheel account will allow you to charge parents for tuition and other fees right inside brightwheel! There is a verification process that may take a couple of days, so having this setup and verified before it’s needed is highly recommended.

  2. Add Teachers and Staff - Teachers and staff are added individually. While you’re waiting for students and parents to be imported, you can use this time to get your staff added to brightwheel. Hold off on assigning them to rooms until after your roster has been imported (adding rooms before your roster is fully processed may result in duplicate rooms).

  3. Start Creating Lessons & Lesson Plans - To get the most out of brightwheel, leverage our learning platform to help your teachers structure their day, and quickly log observations based on the lesson.

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