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With brightwheel's simple Lessons feature you can create custom outlines for specific lessons you wish to schedule throughout your day and week. Make changes quickly and easily, or re-use the lessons each week. 

Once your Lessons are created, add them to your weekly Lesson Plans for staff to use and make them viewable on your mobile devices!

Create A Lesson

At this time, all lessons will be created from the web app. To create your first Lesson, log into the web app on any web browser and follow the steps below:

1. Select the Learning tab at the top of the screen, then select Lesson

2.  Select New Lesson

3. Enter the name of the Lesson

4. Create the lesson by filling in the fields with as much information as desired

5. You can link your lesson to specific milestones by clicking + Add Milestone and choosing from the options provided

Lesson Fields

Brightwheel allows you to create your custom lesson by utilizing the following fields:

  • Lesson Number: Create a custom lesson number for tracking purposes

  • *Lesson Title: This is the same title entered in step 1 above

  • *Lesson Category: Choose from STEM, Social & Environmental, Literacy, Gross Motor, Fine Motor, Communication, Cognitive, and Arts 

  • *Age: Enter your intended age range (0-72 Months)

  • Brief Description: Enter your description of the lesson and any instructions for your teachers and staff

  • Milestones: Choose the appropriate milestone to be tied to each lesson

  • Materials Needed: Create custom tags for the materials that are needed for this lesson. Please note: these tags cannot be deleted or edited after creation

  • *Rooms: Assign to the desired rooms in brightwheel

  • Duration: Length of activity in hours and minutes

  • *Location: Choose from Indoors or Outdoors

  • *Group Size: Select the size of the intended group from Individual, Small Group, and Medium Group

*Denotes fields that can be used to filter or search from the Lesson dashboard.

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