Brightwheel offers student Age reports. This report exposes ages and the birthday of students, and allows you to filter students based on their current age, or the age they will be on a future date.
To view this report:

  1. Log into brightwheel

  2. Navigate to the Reports section

  3. Click on the Age option under Student Reports

  4. (Optional) Select the Room, Student Status, Age Range and Date 

From here, you can either Print or Export this report by clicking the gray buttons in the upper right-hand portion of your report.

The report is pre-populated with today's date, meaning the results will show you the current age of the child. If you update the Age as of date filter, it will show you the age that the selected children will be on that future date. Any filters for age you apply will be applied after the system calculates the age of the child on your selected date.

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