Creating Student Profiles

Create student profiles to start logging activities, attendance, schedules, and more!

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Student profiles are a foundational piece of brightwheel's platform. Creating student profiles is the first step in inviting contacts, logging activities, recording attendance and check-in data, and more!

Student Profile Fields & Information

Each student's profile will contain several sections of information, with fields that can be used or not used as needed, including:

  • Profile Photo: these can be added or changed from the mobile app!

  • Personal Info: First name, Last name, Birthday, Age, Gender, Race, Ethnicity, Allergies, Notes, Medication, Doctor

  • Address

  • Rooms: Homeroom, Other Rooms

  • School Details: Status, Schedule, Gender, Meal Type, Student ID

  • Financial Details: Employer, Family Income, Subsidy, Subsidy Details

  • Enrollment Details: First Contact Date, Toured Date, Paperwork Date, Desired Start Date, Enrollment Date, Graduation Date, Expected Birth Date, Sibling Attending, Programs, Additional Details

Some sections, including Personal Info, Address, and Contacts are visible for Parents; while other sections are only visible for staff and administrators. Sections that are not visible for parents will have a Not visible to Parents descriptor next to the section title.

All Administrators, Managers, and Lead Staff will be able to enter and edit information on student profiles.

Administrators, Staff, and Parent-level contacts are also able to use the links at the top of each student's profile to quickly access their Feed, Learning Report, Attachments, Daily Report, and Forms & Requests.

Bulk Upload via Roster Upload Tool

The fastest and most convenient way to create student profiles and add student information is through brightwheel's Roster Upload tool. Uploading a roster allows administrators to input student information onto a spreadsheet that includes personal information, student contacts, room assignments, and more.

Learn more about creating student profiles in bulk via the Roster Upload tool!

Please Note: If importing from a system other than brightwheel, please refer to our Roster Exports from Other Systems article for assistance.

Create Student Profiles on the Web

Administrators and staff are able to create profiles for new students at any time through the Students tab on the web. Manually creating profiles is a great option for times when one or a few student profiles need to be created, or for schools and programs using our Free platform. These profiles will be ready to use immediately, and providers are still able to input and edit information in all of the fields.

  1. Log in to brightwheel, and open the Students tab

  2. Click on the +Add Students button in the top right

  3. In the drop down menu, click Add students now

  4. Enter in as many student names as needed

  5. Select the appropriate Homeroom for each student, or type to create a new room

  6. Click Save Students when complete

  7. Open a specific student's profile through the Students tab to input additional information.

Create Student Profiles on the App

Administrators and Managers able to add new student profiles through the app.

  1. Open the App and select School Profile from the Administrator Home screen

  2. Tap the Students box at the top of the screen

  3. Hit the + icon and enter the new student's name and Homeroom

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