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Integrated Attendance with KinderTrack for Iowa Programs
Integrated Attendance with KinderTrack for Iowa Programs

Log student check-ins with brightwheel and easily send attendance data to the Iowa state subsidy agency via KinderTrack.

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Using check-in data already entered through brightwheel, the KinderTrack integration allows you to quickly and easily submit attendance data to your KinderTrack account, removing the need to manually enter student attendance times and reducing the likelihood of data entry errors.

Gathering KinderTrack Account Information

Before setting up the KinderTrack integration within brightwheel, you must ensure you have the necessary account information obtained from your KinderTrack provider portal.

  1. Log in to your KinderTrack provider portal

  2. Go to the Student and Family list page

  3. Make note of the following details needed to set up the brightwheel integration:

    1. Provider ID (Shown next to the location name in parenthesis. This 5-digit ID number will be entered in your brightwheel account under the School Settings)

    2. Child ID (This 6-digit ID number for each subsidized child will need to be entered in your brightwheel account on the student's profile, under 'Integrations')

Setting up the Integration in brightwheel

Once you have obtained your integration details from KinderTrack, the next step is to enter these details on your brightwheel account!

  1. Log into your brightwheel account on the web

  2. Click the My School option to expand the menu and select Settings

  3. Jump to the School Info tab

  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and locate the Integrations tile

  5. In the state agency drop-down field, select IA - KinderTrack

  6. In the ID drop-down field, input your 5-digit Provider ID number

  7. [Optional] In the username field, input your name to store as the setup username

  8. Select the Register button

After all the details are entered and registered, you will see a green tag indicating that the registration was successful, like the example below.

Connecting Students

Now that the school setup is complete, the next step of the process is to add your KinderTrack student IDs to your brightwheel student profiles.

  1. Log into your brightwheel account on the web

  2. Click the My School option to expand the menu and select Students

  3. Select a student from the list that corresponds to a student in your KinderTrack account

  4. On the Profile tab, scroll down to the Integrations section and click Edit

  5. Input the Child ID in the KinderTrack ID field

  6. Click Save

Submitting Attendance Data to KinderTrack

After setting up your integration and connecting your students in your brightwheel account - you are ready to run the KinderTrack Subsidy Report within brightwheel. This will allow you to easily submit your time and attendance data to KinderTrack without leaving your brightwheel account!

  1. Login to your brightwheel account on the web

  2. Click the Reporting option to expand the menu and select Reports

  3. Click Student reports and then select KinderTrack

  4. Select the appropriate date range based on the attendance data you want to send from brightwheel to KinderTrack
    🚩This range should match the corresponding Subsidy pay period exactly!

  5. Review the data on the report to ensure it's accurate. If there are any attendance errors in the selected date range, you will see a red banner at the top of this report. You can hit Review in the banner to be taken to the attendance editing page and make adjustments as needed.

    1. Status of "-" undefined - this means the provider ID entered under the integration setting box is incorrect. Re-enter this ID, or contact KinderTrack Support to confirm the correct information.

    2. Status of Unapproved - this means the student is NOT connected via a KinderTrack ID in their student profile, and data would not be submitted. Easily click on any student's name to open their profile and add their KinderTrack ID.

    3. Status of Approved - this means the student is connected via their KinderTrack ID in their student profile and they have corresponding attendance data in the data range selected

    4. Data may not send if there is overlapping or inaccurate attendance data within brightwheel. If needed, adjust their attendance data. Steps can be found in our Manage Student Attendance Records resource.

  6. Once the data has been reviewed and you're ready to submit, click Submit to KinderTrack
    🚩 The brightwheel integration submits attendance data for subsidy payment. Student data can not be edited once submitted and can only be submitted once for each pay period. Please carefully review the attendance data before submitting to KinderTrack.

🚩 If the wrong provider ID is entered, an error will appear stating "Inactive KinderTrack provider ID." To resolve this, please re-enter the provider ID or confirm with KinderTrack the correct information.

Submit a Corrected Claim

If the data submitted to KinderTrack from your brightwheel account had errors that were not resolved prior, unfortunately, this cannot be corrected from within brightwheel.

Student data can not be edited once submitted and can only be submitted once for each pay period.

🚩 If data has already been sent, admins will encounter the error message, "External Subsidy Report Error - attendance has already been submitted."

If this is the case for you, you can submit a corrected claim by calling the following number:

HHS CCA Payments and Registration

Human Services River Place Office

2309 Euclid Avenue

Des Moines, IA 50310-9930

Phone: 866-448-4605 (Toll-Free)

Fax: 515 564-4032

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