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Update Premium Subscription Payment Method
Update Premium Subscription Payment Method

[For Admins] Learn how to update the payment method used to pay for your brightwheel Premium subscripton

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We understand that missed payments happen! That's why brightwheel reaches out when this occurs and displays a banner on your Subscription page to ensure you have a chance to update your payment method and maintain your program's access to brightwheel Premium.

Update your payment method following the guidance below.

Update Premium Subscription Payment Method

  1. Log in on the web

  2. Click your profile icon in the bottom left corner and then select School settings

  3. Open the Subscription tab

  4. In the Payment Methods box on the left side, click + Add New and follow the applicable steps below based on what type of payment method is being added

Add a New Credit Card

  1. Once you've clicked + Add New, select Add a Credit or Debit Card

  2. Enter the full name on the card, card number, expiration date, and CVC code

  3. Click Add Payment Method

  4. Input the unique two-factor authentication (2FA) code sent to your email address to verify your identity and then Save
    💡 If the verification code was sent to your email and doesn't arrive, make sure to check your spam folder!

Add a New Bank Account

  1. Once you've clicked + Add New, select Connect a Bank Account

  2. Choose whether you'd like to search for your bank, or if you'd like to enter your banking information to receive micro-deposits instead

  3. If searching for your bank, click Add my Bank Account in One Step

    1. Search for your bank

    2. Click on the name of your bank

    3. Enter your online banking credentials
      ℹ️ brightwheel cannot access your credentials or update your info. This is a secure transfer of your information that is 256-bit encrypted end-to-end.

    4. Click Submit

  4. If verifying via micro-deposits, click Verify My Account Using Micro-Deposits

    1. Select the Account Type using the Corporation or Individual buttons

    2. Enter the Account Holder Name, Routing Number, and Account Number

    3. Click Add

    4. Read the displayed instructions to complete the verification process. Within 24-48 hours 2 small deposits will be placed in your bank account. Once you have the 2 amounts, click the OK, I got it button.

    5. Once you've seen the microdeposits on your account, return to your account page on the website, and click Verify My Bank Account

    6. Enter the 2 micro-deposits and then click Verify

ℹ️ Newly added payment methods will typically become the default payment method. If this is preferred, no change is needed and your next auto-payment will be made using this method. Changing the default payment method and removing old payment methods can be done at any time online!

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