Brightwheel has made it as easy as possible for administrators to get set up with our billing tool. Just five easy steps and programs can be up and running with automated billing and payments!

  1. Add a Deposit Account- In order to start accepting payments through brightwheel, you will need to add a bank account to deposit the payments you receive online. It can take up to 3 business days to verify this account, so it’s best to get this done as soon as possible. You can complete the steps below while you wait.

  2. Configure Billing Settings - Determine how payers will be able to submit payments. Each program can decide whether to accept online payments via ACH and/or Credit Cards, whether to pass processing fees on to payers, and whether to enforce autopay to ensure you get paid on time.

  3. Add Charges to the Library - To simplify billing setup, admins can add their fees to the Billing charge Library. This allows administrators to save and reuse both fixed charges (for tuition, meals, and other fees), and variable charges (for attendance billing needs) without having to recreate them every time.

  4. Create Student Billing Plans - This is the core of brightwheel’s billing platform. Bill plans allow administrators to automate recurring charges, saving staff hours by eliminating manual work. Bill plans define the schedule for when these charges will be invoiced to parents on a regular basis.

  5. Invite Payers - Invite parents to set up Billing before their first invoice goes out, so they can place their payment method on file!

That’s it! Once these steps are completed, programs can begin receiving online payments in no time!

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