Brightwheel has created two templates that you can use as a tuition contract for your center! To use a template, click on the provided link to download it to your computer. Edit the template with the details for your center (places that need to be replaced on the template are indicated in red text), and save the document as a PDF. Then, you can upload the PDF into the contract on brightwheel!

Table of Contents

Contract Templates

Both contracts include the option for parents to pay in full for the year, or in monthly installments. You can edit the template to whatever makes the most sense for you and your center.

Tuition Contract Option 1

This contract includes a section that allows parents to withdraw from the center if they give a 90-day prior notice (section 7)

Tuition Contract Option 2

This contract does not include a section that allows parents to withdraw from the center early, and instead, parents agree to pay tuition for the full time no matter what.

Converting Documents into a PDF

Google Doc to PDF

To convert a Google Doc into a PDF:

  1. Open the Doc and click File in the top left

  2. Hover over Download

  3. Choose PDF Document (.pdf)

Word Doc to PDF

To convert a Word Doc into a PDF:

  1. Open the document and click File

  2. Choose the Save As option

  3. Click into the Save as type dropdown

  4. Select PDF and click Save

If either of the above options does not accurately represent your experience, most devices have the option to print to PDF.

  1. From the document click Print (or the keyboard shortcut CTRL+P or Command+P)

  2. Click into the Destination drop-down

  3. Choose Save as PDF

  4. Click Save

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