Brightwheel for Nannies

Find out how to best use brightwheel as a nanny or private family account.

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While brightwheel is built to best serve early childhood education centers, there are nannies across the country utilizing the platform to provide insight to parents about their child's day. There are a couple of ways that brightwheel can be setup to work for a nanny or home care situation. 

Nanny Owned 

The most common setup for nannies is where the nanny or homecare provider is the account owner and manages the platform independently. In this situation, the nanny can add students and parent contacts, just like a teacher would in any other facility.  

Parent Owned

For parents who prefer to be in control of the brightwheel platform, this setup may be more preferable. In this situation, the parents would start and manage the brightwheel account and then add their nanny as a staff member. This method still allows the nanny to use all of the features listed above, but the actual account management will be handled by the parents. 

The parents should also be added as parent contacts in this situation so that they can get notifications and updates through the brightwheel app. 

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