In brightwheel, all users have the ability to update their manage their own account's password or contact. Consistently keeping the brightwheel app up to date will allow users to experience all the new features and improvements! Users are able to upgrade to premium or add other centers to their premium account all from within the app as well.

Login and Passwords 

Forgetting passwords or login information can be frustrating. Not to worry, we can easily help restore account access! 

Manage the brightwheel App 

Staying up to date is crucial to making sure the brightwheel app has all our new and exciting features. Turning on auto-updates for the app can keep the app up-to-date without any effort!

Premium Accounts

Premium is an all-in-one solution that covers check-in, daily reporting, class management, staffing, bill pay, assessments, and much more. Managing multiple locations on one account is also made easy with the multi-location manager. Here is how to upgrade to Premium directly in an Owner's account:

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