How is my Premium pricing calculated?

Brightwheel Premium is a monthly subscription based on your program's enrollment capacity. To learn your price, simply create an account on mybrightwheel.com and visit the account page to see your price.

When will I be charged?

You will be charged the set price amount at the end of your free trial period (not necessarily the same day that you enroll in premium), and then on that same day thereafter each month.

Difference between free and Premium?

Brightwheel Premium is the only all-in-one solution that covers check-in, daily reporting, class management, staffing, bill pay, assessments, and much more. It also gives access to our top notch Customer Support team to help you and your parents with all your needs. 

Premium includes:

  1. Premium Features: Staff management, unlimited students, messaging, assessments, videos, discounted billing and much more. Plus many new features added on a regular basis!

  2. Premium Support: Access to our incredible Support team. View our How to Contact Support article for specific details.

Visit our Pricing Page for more detailed info. 

I don't need all Premium features. Can I choose only some?

Brightwheel Premium is a bundle. All features and reduced payment processing fees are part of this bundle and cannot be separated.

How do I set up my payment?

At any time you can edit your current payment method or add additional payment methods. Once you set up your payment method you will automatically be enrolled in auto-pay for your monthly bill.

Brightwheel premium must be set up through your web account by logging in to schools.mybrightwheel.com and navigating to Settings > School Settings > Account.

Scroll down and select plan and enter your payment method. Your billing address is required to enroll and pay. 

Note: To see your monthly price, please visit School Settings > Settings > Account on the web version of brightwheel. https://schools.mybrightwheel.com/school-settings

Learn More about Brightwheel Premium 

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