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[All Staff] Use Daily Reports to view, print and send a daily summary of logged activities to guardian email addresses.

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Daily Reports summarize student daily activities. Staff can view, print, or email these reports to guardians. Parent & Family contact types can opt for automatic email reports summarizing their child’s day.

Access and send Daily Reports from the Activity Report or the child's activity feed as outlined below.

Access Daily Reports

Staff are able to manually send Daily Reports to guardians in the case they are not subscribed to Daily Report emails, or to additional recipients.

  1. Log in to brightwheel on the web.

  2. Expand My School on the purple sidebar & select Students

  3. Select the student's name to open their profile.

  4. Click the Feed tab near the top.

  5. Scroll or filter for the activity date.

  6. Click the purple Daily Report button at the top right.

  7. To print the Daily Report, click Print

  8. To send to families, click Send and select contacts or add additional emails

Subscribing to Daily Reports as a Parent

Parents and family contacts can subscribe to Daily Reports on the web or app. Once subscribed, reports are emailed automatically when the child is checked out, requiring no additional staff action. Parents with only a phone number must add an email to receive reports.

ℹ️ Parents won't receive Daily Reports if the child wasn't checked in/out or if no activities were logged. Staff Only activities are not included in the Daily Report.

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