This article touches on common questions regard incorrect check in/out times, forgotten punches, and editing time cards.

Correcting Mistaken Check-in/out Records

If a student is mistakenly checked-in by a teacher, you can simply go to the list of students who have been checked-in and tap on that particular student to check them out.

If you would like to undo the action or delete the action entirely, simply select that child from the homescreen and click on "Feed." 

Next, you'll tap on the action in their feed that you’d like to undo and either edit the time or delete the action altogether.

Adding Missed Check-in/out Records

Sometimes parent forget to complete a check-in or out their child, or a staff member forgets to check out for lunch.  Here is how to fix these errors to keep your records pristine. 

Missed check-in's

If a student or staff was not checked in, the best way to fix this will be to check them in as soon as you realize the record is missing and then use the information above to edit the date and time from the student's feed, or edit the time card accordingly for the staff member. 

Missed Check-out's

If a student is not checked out by 5:30pm local time, the brightwheel app will assume the student is no longer at the center and check them out, but this does not create a check-out record.  To add this, you will need to check the student in and then out.  Then you go go the that student's feed and delete the check-in record, and edit the check-out record to reflect the appropriate date and time.  We do recommend that you add a note on that record for future reference. 

If a staff member or teacher fails to check-out, all you need to do is edit their time card.  You can do this from the web or the app. See step-by-step instructions on this here.  Please note that if the staff member is not checked out, any future check-in attempts will fail. 

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