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Working at a New brightwheel Program as Staff
Working at a New brightwheel Program as Staff

[For All Staff] Learn how to transition your brightwheel staff account from working at one provider to another

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It's common for providers to employ staff who worked at other programs using brightwheel. If the staff member is no longer working at a program, they will need to create a new brightwheel account at their new place of employment.

If the staff member is actively employed at two different programs, they will need to maintain two separate staff accounts with two separate email addresses.

Switch to a New Program

  1. The staff member should Contact the brightwheel Support advising the current staff account should be deactivated

  2. Once deactivated, reach out to the new employer requesting they add you as a staff member with your email address

  3. Once invited at the new program, set up a new staff brightwheel account

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