March 2023 Product Spotlight

Any staff who is also a guardian can now toggle between accounts. You can also now check in/out students on your computer!

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Two big updates are here! 🎉

  1. Staff can now toggle to their guardian account in the mobile app

  2. You can manage attendance for students right from your computer

You’ll find more details below along with other improvements and tips. Hoping you’ll add even more time savings and peace of mind to your spring cleaning plan this year.

NEW: All staff can now quickly toggle to their guardian accounts in the app!

Thanks to feedback from customers like yourself, staff can now easily switch to a Parent, Family, or Approved Pickup account in the brightwheel app. This means staff members who are also guardians will have a stronger connection to their child’s experience at your program. It only takes a click of a button to see messages, photos, and updates about their child. Learn more here.

NEW: Attendance and check-in can easily be managed from your computer!

You can now check in and out students, move their room, and mark them as absent on the Students page, right from the web. Since many administrators spend a majority of their time on a computer and not on a mobile device, hours can be saved over the year by not switching devices to manage attendance. Watch the video below and read this article to learn more!

💡 Tip: You can easily update a child’s primary payer.

Each student account has a primary payer, and unless otherwise noted, all invoices are assigned to the primary payer by default. To update a student’s primary payer, simply navigate to their billing profile under Billing > Students, and click the ‘Account details’ tab. Learn more about how primary payers are automatically assigned here.

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  • 🍎 FREE brightwheel Learning training on Wed 3/22/23! Register to see a live demo of brightwheel’s revamped learning features, all of which are already included in your Premium account.

    • Note: if you don’t currently have access to these new features, your account will be updated within a few weeks.

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