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brightwheel Billing for Offline Billing
brightwheel Billing for Offline Billing

[For Admins + Billing Only Role] Learn how to use brightwheel for offline billing (international program, cash/check payments, etc.)

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While many programs find brightwheel's online Billing tool indispensable for saving time, paper, and trips to the bank; programs that prefer not to use online billing or are unable to use offline billing can find value in tracking account balances in brightwheel.

International programs, or those based outside of the US, can also benefit by using student billing accounts in brightwheel to post charges, make parents aware of due balances, track payments against those balances, and send receipts.

Billing Plans & Charges

Setting up Billing Plans to capture recurring charges for students will work the same whether a program is intending to accept online payments or not. Billing plans and one-time charges can be created in bulk for multiple students or individually, and can be paused or deactivated at any time.

Offline Payments

Any payment that is submitted and processed outside of brightwheel can be recorded as an offline payment and applied toward a student's invoice or balance, including:

  • cash payments

  • check payments

  • subsidy or agency payments

  • payments processed through a third-party tool, such as Venmo, Zelle, or PayPal

  • any payment submitted, processed, or collected outside of brightwheel

When recording an offline payment, administrators can opt to send an emailed receipt to parents.

Reporting & Insights

Accurate reporting is critical for administrators in getting a full visualization of their program's finances. While the Deposit report will only reflect online payments submitted and processed through brightwheel, all other Billing reports are available and will provide useful insights for programs that don't use online Billing.

International Programs

Only US-based payment methods and deposit accounts are compatible with brightwheel's payment processor, so International programs are typically not able to process online payments with brightwheel Billing. Additionally, brightwheel Billing can't be configured for different currencies, and all amounts will be displayed in dollars ($).

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