Brightwheel currently does not have a full solution for billing payers separately.

The best practice for doing this is to set up separate billing plans for each payer, and to have parents pay their own invoices separately. This method will be easiest for you as admins to manage, and will make reporting and accounting much cleaner. You can use the Notes fields when setting up a bill plan to clarify which invoices are for whom.

Payers will be able to see each others invoices and payments within the student's profile in the parent app in this scenario.

If guardians must keep their payment information separate from one another, you will need to create separate students with separate billing profiles profiles. These additional profiles would be strictly for billing and submitting payments. This is harder to manage for admins, but this workaround should help while we improve the experience.

  1. Create a separate student and call it something like "Alex Smith Dad Payment"

  2. Create another separate student for the other guardian with similar naming

  3. Add the parent as a contact to the student account, and invite them to billing when you are ready; this allow them to view and pay their invoices

  4. Last, set up a billing plan for each of the student profiles -- include charges for only the amount that parent owes.

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