brightwheel's Attendance Billing tool allows administrators to set up attendance charges in advance, to quickly charge student accounts based on how long a student was in attendance - including part-time care, drop-in care, before/after care, early drop-off/late pick-up fees, and more! Charges can be assessed per minute, per hour, for half-days, or for full-days.

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Create Attendance Charges

From the Library in the Billing tab on the web portal, Admins can create new Variable Charges for their attendance billing use cases.

Admins will enter a Charge Category, Description, Room(s) [can select one or all], Days of the Week, Rate, and Time. They can then click Save when all information is completed to add the new Variable Charge to the library. Admins can create more than one Variable Charge.

*Please Note: Updating a variable charge rule from the library at a later date will not affect charges that have already been processed.

Process Attendance Charges

With the Variable Charges created in the Library, Administrators can now bill students whose check-in / check-out records meet the criteria of the Charges that were created.

To process Attendance Charges and bill students that have triggered these Charges:

  1. From the At a Glance Dashboard or Students tab, choose Process an Attendance Charge from the Select an Action drop-down menu

  2. Select the date range you want to process Attendance Charges for

    1. You can only process charges for the last two weeks of attendance data

  3. Check the boxes for the Charges you want to process

  4. The Review Students screen will surface all students that met the criteria of your Charges in the time frame you selected; select the students you want to process charges for. You can also edit the Total Amount by pressing the pencil icon.

    1. Note: if you do not see a student listed here, it’s because their check-in, check-out records did not match the Attendance Charge criteria you defined when creating the rule in the Library; this could be due to an error in their check in or check out data. To fix attendance errors, see Fix Attendance Errors below.

    2. Note: it is possible that a single check-in, check-out record could trigger more than one of your Attendance Charge rules, so be sure to review all and process only the ones you want to.

  5. Once you have reviewed all charges, click Set a schedule when complete

  6. Choose the due date (note: these charges will post immediately)

  7. Click Review and then Create to complete

Once an attendance charge has been processed and applied to a student account for a given charge and time period, it cannot be processed again.

Fix Attendance Errors

If a student did not show up when processing Attendance Charges, it is likely because their check-in / check-out records did not match the criteria of the Attendance Charge rule you defined. This could be due to an error in their attendance data. There are a few ways that Administrators can identify and fix attendance errors:

  • Within the Student’s Profile Feed on Web [Recommended]

  • Within the Student’s Profile Feed on Mobile

  • Daily Attendance Report

Within the Student’s Profile on Web

In the brightwheel web portal, you can also update attendance data by going to the student’s feed, searching for the check-in or check-out event, and then selecting edit to change the data. If you forgot to log a check out from the prior day, you should delete that day’s check-in event, log a new check-in / check-out and then adjust the date/time of those newly created events to the day they need the log for.

We highly recommend correcting errors from here, as it is easiest and will show you exactly what has or has not been logged for a given day.

Within the Student’s Profile on Mobile

You can also edit check-in / check-out times on a mobile device or tablet using the brightwheel app. In a student’s feed, you can click the check-in or check-out event and select Change Time to update the time. Alternatively, you can delete a check-in or check-out event. If you forgot to log a check out from the prior day, you should delete that day’s check-in event, log a new check-in / check-out and then adjust the date/time of those newly created events to the day they need the log for.

Daily Attendance Report

From Reports and under the “Room Reports” section, choose the Daily Attendance Report. This report will not capture all errors, which is why we recommend making corrections from the Student Activity Feed. Read more about correcting check-in / check-out data here.

Modify Attendance Charges

If an attendance charge was scheduled to post Immediately, this charge cannot be modified. If there is a mistake on a charge sent immediately, an Administrator should void the charge.

If an attendance charge was added to the next Invoice, then the charge can be deleted up until the Invoice posts. These charges will be added to the Pending charges section of the student’s billing account. Simply click the pencil icon to edit the charge.

*Please Note: The amount of an attendance charge cannot be edited from the pending charge, if the rate provide was incorrect, the charge should be deleted and then recreated to reflect an accurate amount.

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