We know that now, more than ever, communicating effectively with staff is critical. Now, you can centralize communications with staff on brightwheel to reduce the number of platforms used by your center and easily share updates with your entire staff or coordinate with a classroom of staff members instantly.

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Administrator to Staff Messages

Just like when messaging parents, the mobile messaging option is an easy way to keep track of all of the conversations happening at your center at any time. Tap on any of the conversations listed to read and reply at any time. To create a new message or mass message:

  1. Open the brightwheel app to the Administrator Home page
  2. Click the Messages badge at the top of the screen
  3. Tap the Speech Bubble in the top right-hand corner
  4. Choose Message by Room under the Staff Messages header
  5. Select the room(s) you want to message or select all (top right) to message all staff
  6. Select the Message Type you wish to send
  7. Type the message and Send

Please Note: All staff in the chosen room(s) will receive the message in their inbox on the app.

Sending Staff Messages

Creating a new message from the mobile app is fast and easy. Any teacher or staff member can draft and send messages to any room(s) that they are assigned. To send a message from the app:

  1. Click the Message tab (bottom on iOS, top on Android)
  2. Tap the Staff button at the top
  3. Choose any room from the list
  4. Type the message and Send

Please Note: All staff assigned to that room will receive the message in their inbox on the App.

Staff Messaging on the Web

The ability to message staff and teachers in a specific room(s) is also available online. To view messages, click Messages in the upper right-hand corner and then choose Staff. Messages can be read and responded to in-thread from this page. To start a new conversation:

  1. Click New Message
  2. Select the Staff option
  3. Choose the desired room(s)and click Next
  4. Pick the desired Message Type from the drop-down and draft the message
  5. Click Send Message
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