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Using brightwheel's Demo Students
Using brightwheel's Demo Students

Use the Demo students that are on your account by default to train your staff and test new features without impacting your reporting.

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Every new brightwheel school is created with three Demo students. These Demo students (Alex, Mia, and Russ) are very valuable for administrators and staff members to see how brightwheel works and to test different features. Any activity logged for these students will not appear in reporting or other aggregated data. 

💡Demo students are not intended to be converted into active students in your program. Brightwheel has intentionally limited the editing functionality of these students so that their names and profile pictures cannot be changed. 

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How to Use Demo Students

All three Demo students will appear in the Demo room when you create your school account. This is a perfect "sandbox" to learn brightwheel and experiment with new features. Whether your school is new to brightwheel or you are onboarding a new teacher, Demo students are a perfect tool for learning. 

For the most part, Demo students function the exact same way any student profile would. Staff can use these students to follow along with the staff training materials to help get them familiar with the app and experiment with their day-to-day actions. 

We do not encourage adding additional students to the Demo Room or creating your own demo students. These particular profiles are treated differently in our database. Adding your own student could negatively affect your reporting down the road. 

Limit Demo Student Visibility

If you no longer wish for your staff members to see demo students throughout their day, you can remove this from their visibility by removing the Demo Room assignment from their staff profile. This will disable their ability to access the Demo Room or make any changes/log activities for any Demo students. 

  1. Go to the staff member's profile

  2. Click their name to open their profile

  3. Click Edit in the Rooms box

  4. Click the X next to the Demo room

  5. Click Save

  6. Repeat these steps for all staff members needed

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