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Using brightwheel's Demo Students
Using brightwheel's Demo Students

[All Staff] Use the Demo students to practice using brightwheel, test new features and train staff without impacting your reporting!

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Every new brightwheel school is created with three Demo students named Alex, Mia, and Russ. These practice profiles are valuable for administrators and staff members to see how brightwheel works and to test different features! Any activity logged for these students will not appear in reports, or other aggregated data.

Whether your school is new to brightwheel or you're introducing a new teacher, Demo students are a perfect tool for learning!

How to Use Demo Students

All three Demo students will automatically populate in the Demo Room upon creating your school account. This provides an opportunity to familiarize yourself with brightwheel and explore its features.

As teachers go through the Teacher Training Overview, they can practice what they're learning and experiment with their day-to-day actions. 

🚩Avoid creating your own demo profiles, or adding other students to the Demo Room. Doing so might negatively impact future reporting. Brightwheel's Demo students are specifically designed to operate differently from regular student profiles.

Hide Demo Student Profiles

If you no longer wish for Demo Student Profiles to appear in classrooms, you'll want to archive the profiles and remove their room assignments. Although Demo students can't be deleted, archiving hides them from view while keeping the profiles accessible for later use.

To archive student profiles:

  1. Log in on the web

  2. Click to open the My School menu on the sidebar and select Students

  3. Use the available filters to locate the applicable student and click their name to open their profile

  4. In the School Details tile, click Edit

  5. Update the Status to Inactive

  6. Click Save

Delete the Demo Room

The Demo Room can be deleted by following our steps to Modify or Remove a Room. We don't recommend repurposing, or retitling the room as it is specifically designed for testing and has small functional differences from regular rooms.

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