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Bulk Update via Roster Upload Tool
Bulk Update via Roster Upload Tool

Update student rosters and student contacts in bulk using our Roster Upload Tool!

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Brightwheel has made it even easier to update student rosters through our easy-to-use Roster Upload Tool.  Simply export the roster and make desired changes following the steps below!

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How to Bulk Update

  1. Export The Current Roster: To get started, export the student roster from brightwheel. This report will have all of the editable fields in one report.

  2. Make Changes: When updating the roster, please be sure to follow the formats outlined here. Any changes made to a field will overwrite the current information with the exceptions listed below.

  3. Upload the Updated Roster: Upload the updated roster from the Students tab on the web. Our team will review the document and import it within two business days, but typically within the same day.

Important Information

When updating a program's roster, there are a few things to be aware of:

  • Brightwheel ID: The brightwheel_id column is how our system knows which records to update, do not edit or remove these cells; this may cause duplicate records if removed 

  • Deleting Information: If information is removed from any given cell, our roster upload will not delete this information from the program. To ensure data integrity, if a cell is blank, our tool will ignore it. 

  • Student Contacts: Student contacts who have activated their accounts with an email address or phone number cannot be updated by anybody but the user. Any student contacts included on this roster will either be added as new contacts if they are not in our system or remain unchanged if they are already associated with that student. 

  • Room Assignments: Changing the Homeroom assignment when editing a roster will update the main homeroom assignment, but will not remove them from their previous homeroom - their previous homeroom assignment will be added to 'Other Rooms'. Similarly, if the student has any additional room assignments listed under room_1, room_2, etc. on the brightwheel roster export, editing these fields will add the student to those additional rooms, but not remove them from any of their previously assigned rooms. In order to completely switch a student's homeroom to another, follow the steps to bulk update student homeroom assignments. Alternatively, you can add or remove rooms in individual student profiles as needed, on both the web or the app.

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