This is a common scenario. Parents who are also teachers will need TWO brightwheel accounts. We offer different levels of access for a teacher and a parent which is why we require that they be 2 separate accounts.

Teachers have access to all of the classrooms and children, but parents only have access to their children.

Setting up a Teacher and Parent Account

You have three options here:

  1. Create the parent account with your cell phone number, and create the staff account with your email address.
  2. Since it is free, we can recommend setting up a second email account through Gmail or another carrier to use to set up a second brightwheel account.
  3. If a staff member doesn't want to create a second brightwheel account, the most common solution is for this staff member to have a teacher account. They can periodically tap on their child's profile through their teacher account to check in on their child's day. The only difference would be that they wouldn't get any push notifications about their child's feed.

Change Your Account Type

If you have created a teacher or parent account, but need to use the same email address to change account types, please contact us at [email protected] and we can help!

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