The Daily Feed App or Web 

Parents will see activities and updates in their child's feed.  Parents can also add to the profile and send messages from here. 

Teachers can learn more about logging these Daily Updates here.

Parent View on Mobile App

Parent View on the Web

To view your child's Daily Feed from the web, visit and login using the same login information you would to login to the mobile app.  Then select My Children at the top of the screen.  Select a child's profile, and then click the Feed tab. Here you can also filter by Date, or Activity Type.

Parents - Enable Daily Report emails

Parents have the option to receive Daily Report emails that are a summary of all the day's activities. They can do this from both the app and the web portal.

From the app:

  1. Tap the 3 horizontal lines at the top-left (iPhone, iPad)
  2. Tap Edit Profile
  3. Scroll to the Send Daily Report Email section
  4. Toggle on/off the setting for their children

From the web:

  1. Click the settings wheel at the top-right of the page
  2. Select My Profile
  3. Click Edit next to the Send Daily Report Email section
  4. Select "Yes" or "No" next to their child's name
  5. Click Save

Parents will then receive the daily report via email:

When Parents have the Daily Report setting turned On, they will receive the daily email each day after they have checked out their child.

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