Downloading and saving media from a child's feed allows parents and family to store important images and videos in their preferred manner. 

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Save Photos and Videos

Photos and videos on a child’s feed can be downloaded from within the app or web portal.

In the app:

  • Visit a child’s feed and tap on the photo or video.
  • Tap on the download icon in the bottom for photos and Download in the top right-hand icon for videos to save to your device’s photo library

In the web portal:

  • Visit a child’s feed and right-click the photo
  • Save to your desktop

Note: Videos can only be downloaded from the brightwheel mobile app at this time. 

Bulk Save Workaround

At this time photos must be downloaded individually, not in batches.  That said, there is an easy way to hunt down these types of activities to download them much faster. To do this, select your child's profile, then select Feed.  From there, you can filter by Photos, and right-click to download each one.    

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