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[For Admins] Learn how to delete any message sent by any user on the web.

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Admins are able to delete messages sent by any user, including other Admins, Staff, Managers, and Guardians. Newsletters can also be deleted from a message thread.

Deleting a message is a permanent action that cannot be reversed and the message cannot be recovered. If you use this option, ensure you've selected the correct message(s) to delete.

  1. Navigate to the Messaging page on the web

  2. Jump to the Parents tab

  3. Use the available filters to narrow down results for the relevant messages
    💡 Use the Recipient filter to view Admin <> Parent or All staff <> Parent threads!

  4. Choose the message thread
    Please note: Messages sent to more than one recipient at a time will all be removed if you delete from one student thread. If you need to delete a school-wide announcement, it will also be removed from each thread that it was sent to when you delete from an individual thread.

  5. Click Edit in the upper left corner of the message window

  6. Click the box next to the message(s) to delete

  7. Click Delete message

  8. In the pop-up window, select Yes, delete to confirm the deletion

ℹ️ Once deleted, the message thread will reload and display "[Admin Name] deleted this message," and that notice will be visible to anyone in the thread.

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