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[For Guardians] Learn how to view your student's portfolios shared by teachers right from you brightwheel account!

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brightwheel's Portfolios feature enables your child's teachers to efficiently curate and deliver portfolios that tell a strong story of how your child/children are progressing in school.

These portfolios are an artifact that will typically contain various sections including text, Photos, Observations, and Notes.

View a Portfolio

When a teacher shares a portfolio, Parent contacts on file will receive an email advising a portfolio has been published and contains a button to See Student Portfolio. Click the button to open it or navigate to these manually within your account on the web and app following the steps below.

ℹ️ Family contacts can see student Portfolios on the web and in the app, but will not receive an email when one is published.

On the web

  1. Log in to brightwheel on the web

  2. Click to open the My Children tab on the purple sidebar menu

  3. Click the appropriate student's name to open their profile

  4. Jump to the Portfolio tab

  5. Locate the applicable portfolio and click View to review the contents

💡On the web, Parents will have the option to print the portfolio by selecting Print in the upper right corner of the Portfolio.

On the App

  1. Log into brightwheel on your mobile app

  2. From the My Children page, tap on a child to view their feed

  3. Click Learning at the top of the child's feed

  4. Toggle over to Portfolios

  5. Locate the applicable portfolio and click View to review the contents

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