View Calendar as a Guardian

[For Guardians] Use brightwheel's built-in Calendar functionality to view events for the room(s) your student is assigned to!

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brightwheel's Calendar functionality enables you to stay connected and up to date on any scheduled events for your child/children's classroom(s)!

  • Parent and Family contacts can view calendar events for their child's assigned rooms right in the mobile app.

  • Parents only can view these events on the web as well.

In the Mobile App

  1. Click on your student's profile

    1. On iOS, click the Calendar icon on the top row of your child's activity feed to see any posted events

    2. On Android devices, click the Calendar icon in the top right corner of your student's profile to see any posted events.

On the Web

  1. Log into your brightwheel account on your web browser

  2. Click Calendar on the left sidebar

    1. Hit the Calendar icon in the upper left corner to quickly select a date to view or use the arrows to toggle between weeks

    2. Use the Child filter to view the events for that child’s specific rooms

    3. Use the Date filter to view the full week or just weekdays

    4. Tap on an event to see the full details/description

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