June 2023 Product Spotlight

Experience brighter days ahead with payroll, student portfolios, bill plan templates, and more!

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Summer is officially here! This month, we’re excited to share ways to use brightwheel’s newest feature improvements to make the upcoming school year even brighter for you and your staff.

And don’t miss the ‘what’s new?’ section below! We’re sharing what’s coming to brightwheel this summer, including payroll and Spanish language available in the app and Help Center!

Keep families connected to their child’s early learning with observations. Staff members can now start a learning observation in a child’s profile and choose to save it as a draft. Any staff member can then continue to work on a draft, which can be helpful for particularly busy days and classrooms with co-teachers or aides. Learn more here.

Now access your calendar, create events, and edit events on the calendar tab, right from the web. For those who primarily use brightwheel’s web app, hours can be saved over the year by not switching devices to manage the program calendar. Watch the video below to learn more.

Experience Curriculum is now in brightwheel! This easy-to-implement curriculum and assessment system comes complete with digital lesson plans in the brightwheel app and high-quality learning materials mailed to your program, including books, math manipulatives, games, music, and more. Save your teachers time, enhance learning inside and outside the classroom, and enrich student and family experiences with this all-in-one solution. Learn more here.

  • 📺Brightwheel CEO Dave Vasen shared what’s coming to brightwheel. Watch the recording here! These are just a few of the innovations coming soon thanks to your input:

    • Payroll, enhanced time tracking & approvals

    • Spanish language available in app & Help Center

    • Student portfolios

  • 🍎Staff lists have been redesigned! Staff lists now match student rosters to make our future payroll tools more intuitive and easy-to-use.

  • 💸Reusable billing plan templates *coming soon.* In the coming months, you’ll be able to create and save billing plan templates so you can more easily and quickly assign billing plans to students.

If you collaborate with other administrators at your program, share this article with them so they don’t miss these updates and tips!

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