Send a Payment Reminder
Quickly and easily send a payment remind for unpaid invoices to payers to prompt them to take action!
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If this content does not match what you see in your account, you may be on our legacy billing platform.

There are a few different billing notifications that are sent automatically by brightwheel to payers:

  • When a new invoice is posted;

  • When a balance is due;

  • When a balance becomes past due (the morning after the due date)

After these automatic notices, you can send manual Payment Reminders for past due balances on the At a Glance tab by going to the Unpaid section.

The ‘Unpaid’ tab in your account will show all students with unpaid or partially paid invoices based on the current date. Additionally, you will see posted but not due yet balance, any available credits/overpayments, and the current total account balance. The option to send a payment reminder will only be visible if there is a past-due balance on the account.

Table of Contents

Send a Payment Reminder

  1. Log in to your account on the web

  2. Click to open the Billing page

  3. Scroll down and view the 'Unpaid' tab

  4. Locate the student to send a reminder for

  5. Click the Actions drop-down menu and select Send a reminder

  6. Review the confirmation message and click Send

Payer Experience

If the payer has an email address and phone number on file, the reminder will be sent to their email by default. If the payer only has a phone number on file, the reminder will be sent via SMS text message.

Once an admin has sent the reminder, the payer will receive a notification that prompts them to make a payment and enroll in autopay to avoid future past-due payments!

The SMS text message reminder is similar to the email example above and prompts the payer to log in to their account to make a payment.

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