Financial Management - Next Steps

Kudos for completing Brightwheel billing training! Below are resources that were mentioned during the session.

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Kudos for completing brightwheel billing training! 🎉

Linked below are the recording and applicable resources mentioned during the session.

In addition to these resources, we've provided some information on the brightwheel Academy. A tool designed to help you and your staff master using brightwheel through easy-to-take courses and learning paths. Learn more below.

Table of Contents

Financial Management Webinar

🎥 Recording


💰 What's next?

Once you have added your deposit account, there are just 3 quick & easy steps to get started!

  1. Configure Billing Settings - Determine how payers will be able to submit payments. You can decide whether to accept online payments via ACH and/or cards, whether to pass processing fees on to payers, and whether to enforce autopay to ensure you get paid on time.

  2. Create Billing Plans & Set Up Charges - Billing plans are the core of brightwheel’s billing platform. Billing plans allow you to automate recurring charges, saving your staff hours by eliminating manual work. Billing plans define the schedule for when charges will be invoiced to payers on a regular basis.

  3. Invite Families - Invite payers as soon as possible so they can add a payment method and be prepared to start making payments as soon as your program is ready to get going!

👪 Parent-facing resources

Resources to help answer parent questions and get them excited to pay online!

  • Billing Family Flyer - A 1-page flyer you can hand out or share via email when inviting families to brightwheel billing

  • Resources and FAQs for Parents - An article you can share from our Help Center with instructions and answers to common billing-related questions

💸 Want to go deeper?

A selection of articles from our Help Center covering other topics from your training.

See our Billing Directory for more guidance.

Brightwheel Academy Training

Brightwheel Academy is packed with curated courses and learning paths to help you and your staff master using brightwheel. 🚀

We highly recommend new administrators just getting started with brightwheel Billing register for the academy and enroll in the Getting Started with Billing learning path.

This comprehensive path will guide you through all the steps mentioned above in detail, to ensure a successful setup!

💡 We recommend you enroll in the Getting Started with Billing Learning Path.

Learn how to register and enroll in our Brightwheel Academy Overview resource, and let the learning adventure begin!

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