With Billing v3, invoices can be generated for recurring charges in billing plans and for one-time charges, including attendance charges and late payment fees.

Invoices are sent to parents — they serve as a request for payment for the charges they are being billed for. Invoices can be viewed by admins and by parents in the student account.

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Invoices & Statements

Invoices and statements are different, and serve different purposes:

  • Invoices are bills that go out requesting payment from payers for specific charges/services that were provided. When a payer pays the invoice, they pay the charges within it. It then serves as a source of record that those specific charges have been paid. Invoices go out in accordance with the Bill Plan and/or any time a one-off charge is processed.

  • Statements are simply the status of a student account at a point in time. Statements are generated monthly, and include all transactions (invoices/charges, payments and credits) that occurred between the first and last date of the month, as well as the start and ending account balance.

Invoice Information

Each invoice will display the following fields:

  • Invoice Number

  • School/Program Information: Name, Address, EIN

  • Invoice Details:

    • Invoice date

    • Dates of service (if specified when creating a bill plan)

    • Due date

    • Current invoice balance

  • Charge Information: type, description, notes, charge amount

  • Payment Information: payment method, payer & pay date, notes, payment amount (once a payment has been made against an invoice)

  • Notes: optional notes that the parent can see

Invoice Statuses

Posted invoices can have one of the following statuses:

  • Unpaid: no payment has been made

  • Partially Paid: a payment has been made for part of the total amount

  • Fully Paid: the invoice has been paid in full

Administrator Actions

Admins can adjust invoices, and record payments toward invoices. The actions depend on whether the invoice was posted (received by parents) or if it has not yet been posted. Admins can also attribute credits and payments directly to posted invoices.

Parent Actions

Parents can print or pay an invoice. Payments can be made to a specific invoice, making it clear exactly what the parent paid for.

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