One-time charges are a helpful way to charge students one-off for an array of services that may not recur on a regular frequency, such as registration fees, deposits, meals, field trips, and more. Administrators can create a separate invoice for this one-time charge, either for a single student or in bulk.

  1. Log into brightwheel on the web

  2. Select the Billing tab from the purple dashboard menu

  3. Click to open a student's billing profile

  4. Click on the Select an Action drop down menu, and choose Add a one-time charge

  5. Select a student or students to process the charge for

  6. Add an existing charge from the Library or create a new charge

  7. Set the invoice due date

  8. Review and confirm

One-time charges will post to a student's account and be visible to parents immediately, even if the due date is in the future.

Administrators also have the option to add or edit charges on the next four upcoming invoices on a student's billing plan.

1. Navigate to the student's billing account

2. Select the Upcoming Invoices tab

3. Click Edit next to the invoice you want to edit

4. Click + Add Charge to add a one-time charge to that invoice or Actions > Edit Charge to update the existing charge amount for that invoice.

Charges added to upcoming invoices will not post immediately and instead will post on their regularly scheduled post date. Please note that changes made to a specific invoice will not impact the recurring charges associated with the student's billing plan.

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