Billing Plans define the schedule and charges you want to bill payers for on a regular (recurring) basis.

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Create a Billing Plan

Admins can create billing plans for a single student or multiple students at once.

From the Select an Action drop down on most Billing tabs, choose Set up a Billing Plan and select one or many students to create a plan for. Admins have the option to create more than one billing plan for each student. This allows for student accounts to be billed for certain services/charges on different frequencies, or to set up plans such that when one expires, a new one kicks in (for example, if a student is transitioning between rooms).

For a single student, admins can also create a new Billing Plan under the Billing Plans section of the Account Details tab in a student’s billing profile (shown below).

In the create workflow, admins will define the following:

Step 1: Select Students

  • Select one or many students to create the plan for.

Step 2: Set the Billing Plan Schedule

  • Give the billing plan a name

  • Set the frequency for when parents should be billed; we currently support

    • Weekly: invoices go out 1X per week

    • Biweekly: invoices go out every 2 weeks

    • Bimonthly: invoices go out 2 times per month; admins can set these to go out on the 1st and 15th of the month OR the 15th and last day of the month

    • Monthly: invoices go out 1X per month

  • Set the first payment due date — this is the date you want parents to pay

  • [Optional] set the last payment due date — this is the last payment the parent will make and the date the plan expires

  • Set when you want invoices to go out — this is relative to when you want the parents to pay; for example, you may want invoices to go out 5 days before payment is due

  • [Optional] add the billing period for the invoice — this is the dates of service for the charges included in the invoice; this is optional but often needed for parents that get reimbursed for childcare expenses

Step 3: Add charges to the billing plan

These are the charges you want to bill the parent for on a recurring basis. You can add existing charges from the library to save you time, or create new charges. You can also apply a discount to the charges.

Step 4: Preview and Confirm

Preview the billing plan details and confirm. You have the option to add a note to the billing plan, which will show up on each invoice for parents to see. You will be able to edit this before it posts as well. Once all looks good, create the billing plan!

Edit a Billing Plan

Admins can edit billing plans at the student level, from the Account Details tab in the student’s billing profile. Admins can add and edit charges and notes — eventually, we will enable admins to edit the billing schedule as well.

To edit a recurring charge so that all future invoices reflect that amount

  1. Click Actions and then View/Edit next to the bill plan you want to update moving forward

  2. From the Edit a billing plan screen select the pencil Icon next to the Charges section of the billing plan

  3. Next you can select Actions > Edit or Delete to update the existing recurring charge for this billing plan, you also have the option to add a new recurring charge

  4. Lastly, confirm your billing plan changes in the bottom right corner.

Admins can also pause, resume and delete billing plans, both for a single student from the same Account Details tab, or in bulk, across multiple students from the Plans sub-tab within the main Students tab.

To manage plans in bulk, Admins can select multiple plans and then take action from the action bar at the bottom of the screen.

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