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Our Best Billing Experience!
Our Best Billing Experience!

Meet our current and most improved billing experience

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We take our customer feedback seriously at brightwheel, and one message we heard loud and clear was that we have an opportunity to make the billing experience even better, to ensure it meets the needs of administrators and their evolving programs.

That's why we’re excited to introduce big billing improvements that we’re confident will enable schools to more easily set up and manage billing — less time, less effort, more on-time payments! Read on for details and a preview of what's changing ... and there's so much more to come.

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What's Changing?

Here are some of the top pain points we're solving with our new billing platform.

  • Unsure which charges parents paid. Now, admins and parents can pay specific invoices and their respective charges directly. An invoice that contains tuition will have a payer and payment method directly attached to it, so both parties have a record of what exactly has been paid, by whom, and when.

  • Student account balances aren’t clear. Now, admins and parents will clearly see which open invoices are resulting in the student's account balance. This makes it a breeze for admins to know exactly what to follow up on. We also keep a record of all historical invoices, payments, and credits.

  • Unable to create more than one billing plan. Now, admins can set up multiple billing plans for a student. This is helpful if admins need to bill parents for charges on different frequencies, or if they want to set up billing plans so that as one expires, the next one starts.

  • Time intensive process to set up bill plans for all students. Now, admins can simplify setting up student bill plan by creating and using templates! Add a few core templates for your tuition rates & schedules, then apply those to students in the student bill plan creation process. Faster, easier and more intuitive bill plan setup.

  • Inability to bill bimonthly, quarterly or annually. We want our billing plans to be flexible enough to support any billing cadence — our new billing experience now supports this. We're starting with bimonthly billing (1st and 15th or 15th and end of month) and will add other frequencies as we continue!

  • Unable to edit upcoming invoices. Now, admins can edit the next four invoices that will post for a given billing plan. This will allow admins to make adjustments in real-time for events in the future (for example: adjusting tuition for a student who is going on vacation in a few months).

  • Parents unfamiliar with ‘statements’ nomenclature for bills. Now, we will send Invoices out for both recurring billing plan charges and one-time charges. Invoices are industry standard for payment requests. We will still generate statements on a monthly basis and post them to the student billing account — these statements will reflect all account activity in a given month, and are helpful for tax purposes.

  • Invoices don’t contain the right information for parents. Now, invoices include all the information needed for tax and reimbursement purposes. These are accessible to parents and admins in the student’s billing account, with a clear indication of the paid amount, by whom, and the ability to print.

... and so much more! This new foundation allows us to easily and effectively solve other key needs.

Learn More & Getting Support

We've put together a directory of support articles to help administrators get acquainted with this new experience.

We will also be sharing on-demand videos and webinars to help admins learn more about specific features! Our Support team is fully equipped to assist you with questions/requests related to this newest billing version as well.


Our Support team would love to help - please reach out!

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