Staff Health Checks

Administrators can monitor staff health by logging temperatures via Staff Health Checks to ensure the health and safety of their center.

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Staff Health Checks can be used by administrators to track the health of each staff member upon arrival or use it throughout the day to proactively monitor staff health. Health checks can be logged for individual staff members or multiple if there are minimal variations in temperature.

  1. Open the brightwheel app to the Administrator Home page

  2. Tap Staff

  3. Choose Health Checks and tap the + icon

  4. Select the staff members(s) you want to record temperatures for and tap Next

  5. Enter the temperature and tap Add Health Check

At this time, only administrators are able to log health checks for staff members. Health Check records can be modified or deleted by administrators by navigating to the Health Checks screen and tapping on the record that needs to be edited or removed.

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