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Tracking Medications and Allergies
Tracking Medications and Allergies

Track Medications, Allergies, and Doctor's information within a student's profile and learn where to allergy badges are visible.

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Track Medications & Allergies

Admins and Managers can use the Personal Info section within a student's profile to record important Health information like Allergies, Medications, and Doctor information.

  1. Log in on the web

  2. Open the My School menu on the sidebar and select Students

  3. Locate the applicable student and click their name to open their profile

  4. In the PERSONAL INFO tile, click Edit

  5. Add/update the needed information

  6. Click Save

View Allergy Badges

When a student has information entered into the Allergies field under their Personal Info, a red allergy badge will appear next to their name in the rooms they're assigned to.

This is to allow for quick identification by staff members at all times. To view the specific allergy, click the student's name, then click Profile in the top right corner to view what is listed within their profile.

ℹ️ Adding None, N/A, No Known Allergies, NKA, or similar to this field to indicate you've collected this information will NOT cause the allergy badge to appear.

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