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Administrators can store even more information about their center within brightwheel by utilizing the School Profile.

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The School Profile is an area where administrators can enter details about their school to easily manage this information. They can enter and update the school name, address, phone, capacities, and more.

This resource provides an overview of the available options in the School Profile and where to access them in the app and on the web.

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Access School Profile

On the Web

  1. Click the My School option on the purple sidebar to expand the menu

  2. Select Settings

  3. Jump over to the School Profile tab

On the App

  1. From the Administrator Dashboard, tap School Profile

Update School Information

Administrators have the option to update their school details by navigating to the School Profile either within the brightwheel app or web using the steps above.

Admins can easily update the following information for the entire school:

  • School Name

  • School Phone Number

  • Website

  • School Address

Simply click the field you wish to edit to type in the new information. Then, hit Save.

School Capacity

In the School Profile, you will have the option to enter your school’s desired capacity, licensed capacity, and license number. This can be adjusted on the web only.

These fields give you the ability to differentiate between what your center is licensed for and what your desired capacity is as well as include your License Number to enable better record-keeping.

Time Zone

From the School Profile on the web, admins can adjust the school’s time zone! The set time zone will default to the time zone based on the entered address however, an admin can manually adjust this if needed.

To do this, use the dropdown menu under Time Zone to search or select the desired time zone. Lastly, hit Save:

Please note that adjusting the time zone in brightwheel can affect check-ins and reports for the school. It is best to ensure the selected time zone matches the time zone on any devices the program uses to ensure the data reflects the correct time.

School Profile Tiles

When viewing the School Profile within the brightwheel app, admins can quickly see the total number of rooms, students, parents, and staff in the program.

You can easily click those tiles to be taken to a list of the rooms, students, parents, and staff.

Please Note: The 'Students' count displayed under the School Profile section in the app will include the total number of student profiles associated with your school, including profiles listed as inactive, graduated, removed, duplicate, applied, waitlist, or toured.

You can view a count of total 'Active' students by navigating to the Students tab on the web. This will automatically filter to display only active students. The total number of active students will appear at the bottom right corner below the full student list.

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