October 2022 Product Spotlight

Tips to get the most value out of brightwheel this fall season.

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It is officially pumpkin season! And what a perfect time to harvest more value out of your brightwheel subscription.

Whether it’s with fresh releases like the Revenue Report or staple tools like Waitlist management, there are so many ways to simplify billing, build quality connections, and manage your program efficiently with brightwheel. How? Read on!

See how much you got paid with the new Revenue Report! 💸

Many of you have asked for an easy way to see how much money you're making. With the new Revenue Report, you can quickly keep tabs on your program’s financial health and see how much you billed families, allocated in discounts, and got paid. This report can also be used to create journal entries in Quickbooks and other accounting software. Visit Reports to run the numbers now. Cheers to more financial information at your fingertips!

Use brightwheel as a one-stop shop for ALL your holiday celebrations!

With Halloween and fall festivals upon us, the time is ripe to immerse families in the joy your program creates. Brightwheel’s all-in-one app is the only tool you need to centralize parent communication and showcase how much fun and learning is happening each day. You can post event flyers on Document Hub, bulk tag students in group photos, and connect celebrations to learning progress with Observations.

Maximize your enrollment capacity with the easy Waitlist dashboard.

With enrollment always in motion, you can save hours this year with brightwheel’s Waitlist feature. Quickly add, reorder, and enroll children in your account, and child profiles can be automatically set to ‘Active’ on their Enrollment Date. This means you and your team will spend less time sorting through waitlist records and more time connecting with the new families starting at your program.

  • *Coming this fall* New subsidy management: Soon, you’ll be able to allocate charges on bill plans to agencies. These will be reflected on a student’s account, but families won’t see them. You’ll also have greater flexibility in managing agency info!

  • *Now available* Training recordings: If you missed any of our ‘Better with brightwheel’ sessions, no problem! Dive into topics like check-in, communication, and billing with these on-demand recordings. You can also find them in this early education resources library by searching, ‘Better with brightwheel.’

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Claire & the brightwheel team

P.S. Did you know that you can receive a response from brightwheel’s Support team in less than one minute via Live Chat? Don’t hesitate to reach out if you ever have questions!

Additional Resources

  • Billing version upgrade: If you are using one of our older billing platform versions, upgrade today at zero additional cost to get even more value out of our tool. This period before the school year takes off is a perfect time to make the switch.

  • Account Setup: If you are still setting up your brightwheel account, complete our two onboarding trainings today to build quality connections, efficiently run your program, and simplify billing with brightwheel.

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