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Billing with Bank Accounts Outside of the US
Billing with Bank Accounts Outside of the US

Learn how program's with bank accounts outside of the US can still use brightwheel Billing for tracking purposes

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At this time, it is not possible to process online deposits if your bank account is not in the US. But this is something we plan to open up in the future!

Meanwhile, you can still use the platform to manage billing plans for your families and keep track of their cash or check payments.

Send Statements

Follow the steps outline in our resource to Create a Billing Plan.

By following these steps and creating Billing Plans, you will be sending statements to payers for a student to give them visibility into what is owed to the program.

Track Cash and Check Payments

Follow the steps outlined in our resource to Log an Offline Payment to keep track of cash and check payments.

🚩 Please remember that logging an offline payment is strictly for tracking purposes of offline payments that you have already received. Any checks or cash payments will still need to be deposited at the program's financial institution.

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