At this time, it is not possible to process online deposits if your bank account is not in the US. But this is something we plan to open up in the future!

Meanwhile, you can still use the platform to manage billing plans for your families and keep track of their cash or check payments.

To use our platform to send statements:

  1. Navigate to the Billing section of brighwheel

  2. Click the Set up billing plan for multiple students option in the Select a batch action dropdown

  3. Select all of the students you would like to have the same plan structure and click the Statement schedule button

  4. Configure the Statement Schedule and click the Add recurring charges button

  5. Add as many Recurring Charges and/or discounts and click the Preview & confirm button, or click I'll add charges later to skip this step

  6. Preview the example statement presented and click Create billing plans

To track cash and check payments:

  1. Navigate to the student’s Billing Account page

  2. Choose Record an Offline Payment from the Select an Action drop-down

  3. Enter the amount paid, the payer, payment type and any additional information you would like recorded

  4. Click Add Payment

Find details about how to get started with billing here.

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