At this time, it is not possible to process online deposits if your bank account is not in the US. But this is something we plan to open up in the future!

Meanwhile, you can still use the platform to manage billing plans for your families and keep track of their cash or check payments.

To use our platform to send statements:

  1. Step 1: Select Students

    • Select one or many students to create the plan for.

    Step 2: Set the Billing Plan Schedule

    • Give the billing plan a name

    • Set the frequency for when parents should be billed; we currently support

      • Weekly: invoices go out 1X per week

      • Biweekly: invoices go out every 2 weeks

      • Bimonthly: invoices go out 2 times per month; admins can set these to go out on the 1st and 15th of the month OR the 15th and last day of the month

      • Monthly: invoices go out 1X per month

    • Set the first payment due date — this is the date you want the first plans charge(s) to be due

    • [Optional] set the last payment due date — this is the last date a charge will be due and the plan will expire on this selected date

    • Set when you want invoices to go out — this is relative to when you want the parents to pay; for example, you may want invoices to go out 5 days before payment is due

    • [Optional] add the billing period for the invoice — this is the dates of service for the charges included in the invoice; this is optional but often needed for parents that get reimbursed for childcare expenses

    Step 3: Add charges to the billing plan

    These are the charges you want to bill the parent for on a recurring basis. You can add existing charges from the library to save you time, or create new charges. If creating new charges you will see the option to "Save to library?" this will allow you to use this charge in the future on new or existing plans. You can also apply a percentage or dollar amount discount to charges.

    Step 4: Preview and Confirm

    Preview the billing plan details and confirm. You have the option to add a note to the billing plan, which will show up on each invoice for parents to see. You will be able to edit this before it posts as well. Once all looks good, create the billing plan!

  1. Navigate to the student’s billing profile on the web

  2. Click the Select an Action drop-down menu

  3. Choose Record an offline payment

  4. Enter the Amount, Payer, Payment method, and optional Note

  5. Add details into the Apply payment to open invoices section, if needed
    NOTE: To apply the offline payment to an open invoice, just locate the specific invoice and under the Amount applied column, type the amount of the payment that you’d like to apply to the open invoice

  6. Click Save & apply

Find details about how to get started with billing here.

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