If you haven't yet purchased a device to use with brightwheel, take a look at our Affordable and Compatible Devices list in the Teacher Resources center of our website here.

Brightwheel works with all Android and iOS phones and tablets. To get the most out of brightwheel, always make sure you have your app updated to the latest version. Steps for getting your app up-to-date can be found here

Please Note: The minimum operating system requirements are iOS 10 and Android 5.0 Lollipop.


Our Android app does work for some versions of the Kindle Fire.  However, it's a bit of a hack for us to provide you with access and it doesn't update automatically anytime we release updated versions.

For those reasons, we generally recommend a device that comes with the Google Play store or Apple App store installed on it. 

If you already have a Kindle device, and would like to use it with brightwheel, please follow the link below to get setup.

Kindle Fire Setup

For this to work, you must click to download the below link directly from your Kindle device. You'll need to stay up to date by always downloading the latest version of the app within this folder: 

In addition, here is a helpful PDF guide with further instructions for how to download, install, and access the Android app on your Kindle devices: 

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