App or Website Won't Load

Check the availability or maintenance of the brightwheel platform anytime through our status page & troubleshoot common connectivity issues.

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While brightwheel is proud to maintain 99.99% uptime, there are rare times when you may not be able to access brightwheel or one of our features.

Brightwheel Status Page

View of brightwheel Status Page to view the current performance and availability of our platform. Additionally, you can Subscribe to Updates to be notified of any reported outages.

Maintenance Mode

It's rare, but sometimes brightwheel needs to perform a level of maintenance on the brightwheel app that cannot be done while there are users on the platform. In those cases, you will see the screen below.

Please Note: Brightwheel will always notify you several days prior to maintenance.

General Troubleshooting

For the best experience using Brightwheel, we recommend using Google Chrome as your browser. While you can use other browsers, our platform is optimized for Chrome. If experiencing an issue while on Brightwheel, try changing the browser to see if it resolves the issue.

Browser Data

If you are encountering issues with web pages loading it helps to try a hard refresh which clears the browser cache for a specific page, ensuring the latest version of the page is reloaded. Review our Refresh/Hard Refresh Web Browser for steps on doing this.

Another action that can be taken is clearing browser data. This ensures a fresh start, minimizing the risk of encountering errors or conflicts with stored data. It clears your device storage and helps applications run more efficiently. More details about how to do this for a particular browser here: Safari | Google Chrome | Internet Explorer | Firefox

Troubleshooting Connectivity Issues

The most likely reason the platform will not load is due to a local network or connectivity issue. In order to have a good experience using brightwheel, you should at least have a 100Mbps per second connection.

Check Your WiFi & Cell Speed

If you are getting loading symbols, regular errors, or are experiencing slowness with brightwheel when attempting to perform an action, like exporting a report, we recommend that you check your connection speed. Be sure that you are running the speed test on the device that you are experiencing issues with. To run a speed test, click this link or type this in on the device:

If you notice that your speed is below the recommended 100Mbps speed, we suggest reaching out to your internet service provider. 

🚩 If experiencing issues on a mobile device using both wifi and cellular data, both speeds must be tested separately.

To test cellular data, disable wifi and conduct the speed test. For wifi, disable cellular data and run the test.

Both speeds should be at least 100Mbps. If there is a significant gap between wifi and cellular data speeds, your device might encounter difficulties when switching between them, leading to potential issues.

Check for Local Outages

Local internet outages happen, we've all been there. They are highly inconvenient, but also highly trackable. If you are having difficulty loading any web pages, it's a good idea to take a look at the outage map for your internet service provider. DownDetector is a great site that constantly tracks providers' network status. 

Turn It Off & On Again

While this is a common joke about tech support, it can sometimes be a last resort option to try while troubleshooting the root cause of the issue. You can attempt to restart the device you're using or even try rebooting your route to see if helps with your connectivity. If this last resort option is not feasible, we suggest reaching out to your internet service provider.

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