There are instances where a parent may need to remove a student's profile from their account. This can be due to transferring schools or an error when setting up resulting in a duplicate profile. A parent can remove a child's duplicate or old profile from their brightwheel account on the web or mobile app as long as the school who created the student profile has enabled the ability to parents to edit the student profile.

From the Web

  1. Click on the student profile you wish to remove
  2. Select the Profile tab
  3. Scroll down to the Contacts section and click Edit
  4. Remove your email address, click Remove again to confirm
  5. Click Students in the top menu to refresh the page

From the Mobile App

Available on Android devices only.

  1. Select the student profile you wish to remove
  2. Tap the Pencil Icon on Android or Profile on iOS in the upper right-hand corner 
  3. Scroll to your name listed under the Parent header
  4. Tap the X to remove your association
  5. Close the app and reopen to refresh

The duplicate/old profile will be removed from your profile.

Please note that you will lose access to any historical data once the old/duplicate profile is removed.

The profile will be unlinked from your account, but this will not delete the profile. To fully delete the child's old/duplicate profile please reach out to your school directly and have them delete the profile.

If you have an old profile for your child but you do not see any contacts to delete, or if you see the banner that reads This profile is available to view only please reach out to for assistance removing the profile. 

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