Parents can send a message (with a character limit) to teachers. This is a premium feature within the mobile app (not the web portal). Here's how:

  1. Click the Child’s Profile
  2. Click Message icon under the child's profile picture in iOS, top righ-hand corner on Android
  3. Click the Message icon in the top right corner
  4. Select General, Absent, Late Drop Off, Late Pick Up, Early Pick Up
  5. Add a note and send

Please note: 

  • Android users have a character limit of 140 characters on messages at this time.  We are working to expand this in the future.
  • Messages are not currently "threaded" in the same way as an email or text string.  This is designed intentionally to be a place for brief notes between parents and teachers. 
  • Only Parents can see the Inbox and Sent messages in a child's profile.  Family Members can send but not receive receive messages.  Approved Pickups and Emergency Contacts have no access to messaging.

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