As an added service for new schools, brightwheel will import your existing roster to save time get you up and running faster. If you are coming to brightwheel from ProCare, please follow the steps below to export your roster. No reformatting necessary, our team will take care of the rest! The steps below will walk you through the process in ProCare to get the best roster export so that we can import as much information as possible. 

1. Go to Family Data & Accounting

2. Select Data Viewer

3. Select Child Relationships as of Today’s date 

4. Click Create towards the bottom right of the screen to generate the report

5. Click the down arrow next to the floppy disk and Export as CSV

The first several columns in this export should look like the image below. Please do not edit this export, simply upload it to brightwheel here. Any changes  made to this spreadsheet before sending it to brightwheel may complicate our process of converting the file into a format that our system can process and can result in errors. 

Please Note: Brightwheel will only upload students with an active status. Any withdrawn students or those without a status will not be imported to your brightwheel account. If our team has any questions, we will reach out to you via email. 

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