Brightwheel account holders can reset or update passwords at any time. Keep in mind that only the account holder will have access to change their password - administrators aren’t able to view or change passwords for staff or parent accounts.

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Reset Password

In the case of a forgotten password, any brightwheel account holder can request a password reset either in the app or on the web.

  1. On the sign-in page, click Forgot Password

  2. Enter the username you use to log in (email address or phone number)

  3. Click Request Reset

  4. Locate the email in your inbox

  5. Click the Change my password hyperlink in the email

  6. In the new window that automatically opens, input the new password and input it again to confirm

  7. Click Change password to complete the process

Change Password

Account holders who know their current passwords can also update their passwords through their brightwheel account on the web.

  1. Log in to brightwheel on the web

  2. Click on Profile, and click Change Password

  3. Enter the current password

  4. Use the New Password and Confirm New Password fields to enter in the desired new password, matching the following requirements:

    1. At least 13 characters

    2. At least one number

    3. At least one uppercase and one lowercase letter

    4. At least one non-numeric character (e.g. ! # ?)

  5. Click Save

Password Security

There are many great articles about what and what not to use as your password. Google's support article provides some great tips on how to create strong passwords that you can actually remember; these tips should also be applicable to your brightwheel account login!

  • Make your password unique - Reusing passwords for important accounts is risky. If someone gets your password for one account, they could access your email, address, and even your money.

  • Make your password long & more memorable - Long passwords are stronger. Try using: A lyric from a song or poem, A meaningful quote from a movie or speech, A passage from a book, A series of words that are meaningful to you, or An abbreviation: Make a password from the first letter of each word in a sentence.

  • Use letters, numbers, & symbols - Replace letters with numbers & symbols: Choose a word or phrase and use numbers and symbols instead of some letters.

  • Avoid personal information & common words - Avoid creating passwords from info that others might know or could easily find out, including: nicknames, birthdays, pets, or addresses.

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