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Parents can use quickscan to check-their children in quickly from your Kiosk device or a printed QR code.

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Parents can check in their children from their own phones! Why is this great?

  • Fast: No more lines waiting to sign in on paper or a tablet. And parents can check in/out multiple kids at one time.

  • Flexible: Any parents who forgot their phone or don't have a smartphone can easily still use a school device.

  • Secure: Much more secure than a physical signature. Parents must be on-site and will only match if they are approved guardians.

  • Approved: We developed Quick Scan with licensing in mind.

  • Detail: If you wish, parents can submit notes and drop off info from their phones.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How does it work? Each location is assigned a unique QR Image. Parents will select Check-In/Out from their app and quickly scan the image. They will then be prompted for their Check-In Code to complete the in/out.

  • Will check-in codes still be used? Yes. Parents will be asked to input their personal 4-digit check-in code as the last step of checking in/out.

  • Where is the image displayed? You can display your unique image on a laptop, tablet, or phone. Just look for the Quick Scan option at the bottom of the check-in section of the app. If you don't see it, ensure a) You have the latest version of brightwheel, and b) Quick Scan is enabled for your school.

  • Can I print off the code? Yes! Here are further details on how to do this.

  • Can I turn this feature on/off? Yes. Any administrator can update the check-in settings at any time. Navigate to the School Profile from the Administrator Home screen on the app or under School Settings on the web.

  • How does the image work? We generate a personalized image just for your location. If you have multiple locations, you'll get one image per location. This is unique to you. In order for there to be a match, a verified parent/guardian from your school must scan the image from their device.

  • What if I want to change my check-in image? In your Quick Scan settings, you have the option to have a new image automatically generated for you. If you enable this option, a new image will be created every 3 hours. Note: We do not recommend this option if you are going to be printing your QR Image.

  • What if a parent forgets or doesn’t have a smartphone? If parents do not have a smartphone, they will need to use kiosk mode to input their 4 digit code.

See our article on Check-in Settings for more info about all check-in options.

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