Brightwheel enables administrators to share Message Attachments with Student Contacts with Parent level permissions. Administrators are able to attach any type of documents, such as event flyers, schedules, handbooks, and menus, to any message type (messages, alerts, or reminders) sent to student contacts. All documents sent will be securely stored in the student’s message thread on brightwheel for admins and parent contacts to reference later and allows all communication to be easily managed in a single location.

Currently, only administrators are able to share an attachment via messages. Student Contacts with Parent level permissions will be able to view the attachment from both the web and mobile app. All they need to do is click or tap on the attachment in the message and it will be opened immediately. Sharing an attachment is done through brightwheel’s web messaging tool.

  1. Choose Messaging from the left-hand menu

  2. In the upper right-hand corner click + New Message

  3. Click Select under the Parents option

  4. Use the drop-down to filter by room and select the desired students then click Next

  5. Choose the desired Message Type from the drop-down

  6. Click + Add file

  7. Drag and drop the file or browse to select, name the attachment once it has uploaded, and click Add

  8. Type the message as needed, once complete click Send Message

Please Note: Any file type can be attached to a message online up to 15 mb.

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