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Occasionally, parents may make an official dispute directly with their credit card company. By disputing these charges, your parent completed what is called a 'chargeback.' In those situations, an investigation is conducted by the credit card company itself. In the instance that a credit card company rules in favor of a parent, the company could withdraw the money from the provider. Credit card companies have the power to pull back funds. Sometimes the parent's credit card provider will dispute the charge on the parent's behalf if they don't recognize the vendor. 

In the rare case of this happening, we make every effort to support providers. As soon as we learn of a dispute, brightwheel will email both the school and parent to get more information. Ideally, the school and parent can connect offline, and the parent will drop the dispute.

If a dispute is not dropped, brightwheel will submit our evidence to our payment processor, who will in-turn send that to the parent's credit card company. Because these disputes are handled by the credit card company, we are not privy to the details of such investigations. Please note that this is specific to credit card transactions; many providers elect not to accept credit cards. We give the choice to providers - it is up to them to choose whether to accept credit card payments; bank transfers are always an option.

If a dispute is lost by the school, brightwheel will charge $15 chargeback fee.

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