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There's no need for a school to prepare year end reports for your families, as they have access through their own account. If the school's EIN is listed on the billing settings page, then it will appear on all of the parent's invoices. 

Reporting for Parents

Please Note: Parent Payment Summaries are only available if payments were made online via card or ACH.  If the parent paid via cash/check you will need to generate the summary by filtering for their Fully Paid invoices on the Invoices tab and Exporting.

Please instruct any online-paying parents looking for billing reporting to log into their account online and select the Payments tab. Then click the orange Payments button.

They will then need to enter the parameters and select "View Payments"

You will then see a summary of all payments made! You also have the option to print this report.

Reporting for Schools

If you as a school need to do more advanced accounting right now, then we also encourage you to use the "export to .csv" option on your Invoices page. Instructions for this can be found here.

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